My relationship with music and true passion for it began at an early age by pursuing piano, voice, music theory and composition lessons. I composed my first songs and orchestral music at the age of 8.
I received my musical education at the National Conservatory of Athens-Greece receiving my music Degrees as well as Piano Degree under the piano soloist Dimitri Vintila. Furthermore, I studied at the Musical Association of Athens-MSA Conservatory where I received a Degree in Contemporary Singing under the Singer and Singing Teacher Lucia Fratsea and a Diploma in Composition under the composer and conductor, Professor Giannis Avgerinos.
I soon realized my passion for piano, singing, music composition and especially the great feeling that possessed me when I performed on stage. Thus, throughout my adolescent years, as well as later on, I toured in various cities in Greece and Cyprus performing at a number of venues, presented in a series of concerts my original compositions and songs and those of other singers/composers as well.
Other instrumental music of my own has been performed in concerts and events, in many of which I participated as a soloist on the piano, at the “National Conservatory” and “MSA Conservatory” of Athens, as well as at various well known venues in Greece, Cyprus, Austria and in the UK where I live now, performing and teaching music.
Furthermore, as a composer as well as a musician I co-operated with many studios in Athens to record songs and instrumentals making arrangements and music productions for other artists, theatrical plays and for my own songs and music as well. In fact, for the past 10 years I have my own home studio where I undertook most of my professional projects.


2006, Personal Album
“Fevgeis kai Erchesai”
(= Leaving and coming back)
singing my own music and lyrics, on Live Records label
2014 Digitally released Personal Album
“Akou…ti vlepei I kardia”
(=Listen to what the heart sees)
singing my own music and lyrics.

External collaborations as a composer-arranger:

  • 2005, maxi-single “Indignation”, singing Alexis Neiros, on Popular Music label
  • 2007, CD “Poso tha thela” (= How much I want), singing Anastasia Rapti, on Universal Music label
  • 2007, CD “Metaniosa” (= I regret), singing Alexis Neiros, on Universal Music label
  • 2012, CD “Paralogo me thea” (= Reasonless with a view), singing Dimitra Mastoridou, on Free Voice Records label
  • 2013 CD “Amazon”, singing Ioanna Vlachou on FM Records Label
  • 2016, Single “Stigmes” (=Moments), singing Irene Koxarakis, NG Productions

As a musician-playing the piano:

  • 2011, CD “Stou chronou tis katapaktes” (=In time’s trap-doors), by well-known Greek composer Notis Mavroudis on Protasis Music label

Composition of Orchestral music and Songs for the theatre

2011 Original Score and the Orchestration for the musical comedy “Romilos the Great”, performed at the “Chitirio Theatre”, Athens-Greece
2011-2013 Music Supervisor, Actor and Composer of the Original Pieces for the comedy: “10 Minutes Break”, performed at the bar-theatre “KOMHS”, at the “Vault Theatre” and at the “@Rouf Theatre”, Athens-Greece.
2015 Original Score as well as the Orchestration for the theatrical play “Mother’s Day”, performed at the “Ekstan Theatre” Athens-Greece.
Now, I am preparing my instrumental project called “The Colours of Memories” where the piano is the lead, combining contemporary and classical arrangements as well as West, East and Balkan sounds.